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Featuremine framework for algorithmic trading lets you quickly develop your strategy and bring it to profitability in the shortest time possible. Utilize the simplicity of Python and the high performance of C++, the best technical support and our extensive components library.

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Featuremine Discovery gets you started in quantitative trading, regardless of your level of expertise. Using the app, learn how to develop your strategies and increase your earnings, gain exposure through our leaderboard, get financed by your peers, grow professionally and build your path into the industry, or follow the top earners and invest in their strategies.

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Extensive expertise in quantitative trading

All the knowledge and support that your quantitative trading business requires.

Maxim Trokhimtchouk
CEO and founder

Andres Rangel
Senior Software Developer

Ekaterina Kurilova
Head of Business Development

Leonardo Bonilla
Project Manager

Federico Ravchina
Senior Software Developer


Ivan Gonzalez
Senior Software Developer

Jobs at Featuremine

“Getting together is a start, staying together
is progress and working together is a success”

Henry Ford

Roles Throughout Featuremine

Roles Throughout Featuremine

We are an industry-leading team of technologists and quants.We strive for excellence in technology and analytics. A rational approach to problem-solving, attention to detail and a drive for constant self-improvement are expected from all our team members. In our company, developers have the opportunity to work side by side with some of the most influential people in the financial industry.



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